Alumni Officers

David Bollinger - President
Annette (Helton) Meloy- Vice President
Amelia (Leach) White - Secretary
Amber (Beckett) Sturgeon - Treasurer

Annual Banquet

Greenville's Alumni Banquet is always the
Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.

May 23, 2015

Greenville R-II School District History

Williamsville's first schoolhouse was a two-story frame building built in 1878, that was also used as a Union house of worship. The Union Church and school building burned in 1889 and in 1890 a two-story frame school was built in the new part of town.In the late 1890's, a six-room brick school was built. The first high school was a one-year course with five students enrolled. J. Grossenbacher was the teacher.

In 1908, Victor Sears organized the first four-year course. In 1909 a $5,000 bond was voted to enlarge the building to twelve rooms.

In 1910, "Greenville Normal Institute for Training Public School Teachers" was added to the curriculum.

In 1925, the Greenville District was reorganized as Wayne Co. Consolidated District No. 3. Greenville employed 4 elementary teachers and 4 high school teachers.
  • Grace Osborne - 1st and 2nd grades
  • Irene Owens - 3rd and 4th grades
  • Lora (Bollinger) Tinnin - 5th and 6th grades
  • Helen (Parker) Bennet - 7th and 8th grades
  • Mrs. Golden Ellinghouse - Sociology, Civics, English, 10th grade History and 9th grade Social Science
  • Mrs. Robert Harper - English, Teacher Training
  • Clitus Bidewell
  • Mr. Robert Harper - Superintendent

In 1933, the building burned, destroying all records. A new 12-room native stone building was built at the cost of $116,000, and was opened in 1935. This building was abandoned when Wappapello Dam was built and "Old" Greenville was flooded. The first year of school in "New" Greenville was 1943-44.

Hiram School around 1938, classes started at 9:00 a.m. Hiram was a 3rd class two-year high school. The school faculty at Hiram at this time consisted of one teacher - Walter Clark. There were 8 or 10 students who graduated and the whole high school had around 16 students. Hiram had a chemistry lab. The last year for the high school was 1940 while the elementary school continued to operate until the late 1960's.

New Liberty School (where Camp Allen is today) during 1946-47, a teacher with one semester of college received a salary of $100 a month and had to be at school by 630 a.m. to fire the stove. The teacher also had to do the janitor work! There were 13 students, ages 8-17.

Kime School was a one-room school in 1941-42. The salary at the time was $75 a month. You could teach there with a high school diploma. Virgil Clubb was the first one to teach in the New Kime School Building in July 1941. The dress code for teachers: men wore ties and women wore skirts.

Oak Grove School in 1941-42 had 40 students. It was a one-room school with eight grades. The teacher followed a "state course of study," which told what to teach in each grade. It was like today's curriculum guide.

In 1946-48, the County Board of Education was formed. It was a six-member board elected from school board members of the district. The County Board presented a proposal to put some schools together to form one unit, but it still had to be voted on. The first big reorganization was in 1959.

As late as 1955, Wayne County had two, 2-year high schools: Lowndes and Leeper. The Hoodlum Wagon was an old covered wagon with the gears of a car. It had a flap over it to keep the wind out, was pulled by two horses and was used as a bus to Lowndes in the late 1930's. Asa Hill and Dan Hale drove it.

In 1955, they still gave county teacher's exams. To take the exam, you needed 30 college hours.

A Teacher Training Program existed at Greenville up to World War II. A person would take the course, pass the exam and receive a two-year teaching certificate.

In 1958, Greenville School employed seven teachers and became Greenville Reorganized District No. 2.

The High School remained in Williamsville until reorganization. Since 1960, Williamsville High School students have been transported to Greenville.

The last one-room schools in Wayne County existed into the 1970's. They were White Hollow, Hiram and Clubb.

The first public school kindergarten in our district was started in 1973-74 school year.

The Greenville School was destroyed when the school burned the day after Thanksgiving in 1978. Many precious pictures and trophies representing Greenville's winning athletic spirit were destroyed. The Greenville R-II PTA donated time and money to replace as many of the class pictures as possible. The students moved to the present high school in 1981.

Today the Greenville R-II School District employs 134 people. Our staff consists of 6 administrators, 67 teachers, 14 paraprofessionals, 11 custodians, 10 cooks, 12 bus drivers, 6 secretaries, 1 nurse, 1 nurse's aide, 2 Parents as Teachers, 2 maintenance, 1 Computer Tech and 1 resource officer.

Greenville Superintendents

(List may be incomplete)

Virgil Sisson
Thurman Willett
Millard Brooks
C.E. Cooper (1949-1958)
Byron Boyer (1959-1963)
Homer Kinder (1963-1968)
Virgil Clubb (1968 - 1982)
Charles Barker (1982-1983)
James Webber (1983-1988)
W. Eugene Oakley (1988-1993)
Lloyd Mondy (Spring - 1994)
Leslie Duncan (1994-1997)
Gary Copeland (1997-2005)
Jim Morrison ( 2005-2011)
Andrew Rogers (2011-2013)
Todd Porter (2013-Present)