Mrs. Burton - Business

    1. NOVA
    2. Prep
    3. Web Design
    4. Seminar - 12th Grade
    5. Business Tech - 11th & 12th Grade
    6. Accounting
    7. Business Tech - 11th & 12th Grade
    8. Desktop Publishing

    Course Descriptions

    This course is designed to build a basic understanding of manual and automated accounting principles, concepts and procedures. Activities include using the accounting equation, completing the accounting cycle, entering transactions to journals, posting to ledgers, preparing end-of-period statements and reports, managing payroll systems, completing banking activities, calculating taxes and performing other related tasks.

    Business Technology:
    This course is designed to help students develop the qualities, knowledge and skills necessary for working in business. Students enhance computer application skills as they develop competencies needed by administrative support professionals. The content includes the use of technology to develop communication skills, the performance of office procedures tasks, the production of quality work using advanced features of business software applications and the production of high-quality employment portfolios and job-seeking documents. In addition, this course provides training or skills many employers find deficient: dealing with other people, using the telephone, organizing work and handling other crucial tasks.

    Desktop Publishing:
    Desktop Publishing will introduce students to the concepts of desktop publishing through the design and creation of newsletters, flyers, brochures, business documents and personal documents. Each student will develop a portfolio of work to document creativity as text and graphics are brought together to creative effective design.

    Web Design:
    Students in this class will update teacher Web pages and help maintain the school Web site. Web Design deals with the use of Web programming languages, graphics applications and other Web authoring tools to design, edit launch and maintain Web sites and pages. Such topics as Internet theory, Web page standards, Web design elements, user interfaces, special effects, navigation and emerging Web technologies will be included.