Mrs. O'Dell - English

    1. English A
    2. English I
    3. English II
    4. Seminar - 11th Grade
    5. English I
    6. English I
    7. English B
    8. Prep

    Course Descriptions

    English I:
    This course is the required, first-year course in the language arts program. It provides a foundation in language, composition, literature, public speaking and independent reading.

    English II:
    The tenth grade language arts curriculum focuses on students writing for a variety of topics using diverse sources. Writing instruction emphasizes vocabulary, accepted patterns of organization, development and support ideas and acceptable usage and mechanics, which prepares them for future studies and for the workplace. Students will analyze and evaluate major writings in world literature and read and respond to literature.

    English A:
    This course is an introductory high school language arts course. The focus of this course is to develop reading and writing skills and to enhance student vocabulary through weekly spelling and vocabulary units.

    English B:
    This course is designed to ready students for success in English I. Students will read and respond to different forms of literature and express their thoughts and ideas in well-written text. Students will also develop their vocabulary through weekly spelling and vocabulary units.