Ms. Crutchfield - Family and Consumer Science

    1. Personal Finance
    2. Prep
    3. Family Meals
    4. Seminar - ProStart
    5. ProStart
    6. Jr. High FACS
    7. Parenting & Child Dev/ECSHN & Childcare
    8. Fashion Design

    Course Descriptions

    Child Development:
    This semester class prepares individuals to understand child development, parenting and child care concepts from conception through age six. Development will include physical, emotional, social and intellectual. Special emphasis will be placed on the health and safety and disciplining of children.

    Early Childhood Health, Safety & Nutrition:
    The course will focus primarily on the importance of health education and training and its effects on children and parents. The student will explore and identify tools used to provide a safe, healthy and nutritional learning environment for the developing child. Case studies will be used to explore important issues of concern in providing such an environment. Hygiene and safety requirements established by the State Health Department will be studied to provide an overview of licensing requirements. Nutritional guidelines used in planning, budgeting and preparation of foods will also be identified to insure a well-balanced, nutritional menu for the developing child. Program policies on health related issues would be explored to provide parent interaction and awareness concerning the health, safety and nutrition of the young child. In general, the interrelationship of safety, health and nutrition and its affect on the child while in childcare will be identified. A complete Resource Notebook will be developed throughout the course to assist the childcare provider with required licensing information, program policies and resource information needed to provide a safe, healthy learning environment.

    Family Meals:
    Prepares individuals to understand the principles of nutrition; the relationship of nutrition to health and well-being; the selection, preparation and care of food; meal management to meet individual and family food needs and patterns of living; good economics and optimal use of the food dollar. Emphasis will be on the variety of food products and preparation techniques.

    Fashion Design:

    This semester class emphasizes responsibility and rewards of parenting. It equips students to make responsible decisions while nurturing and guiding children.

    Personal Finance:
    Understanding and managing personal finances is the key to one's future financial success. This one-semester course is based on the Missouri Personal Finance Competencies and presents essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about real world financial issues. Students will learn how choices influence occupational options and future earning potential. Students will also learn to apply decision-making skills to evaluate career choices and set personal goals. The course content is designed to help the learner make wise spending, saving and credit decisions and to make effective use of income to achieve personal financial success.