Mr. Morris - Music

    1. Band
    2. Jr. High Choir
    3. Jr. High Band
    4. Seminar - 9th Grade
    5. Prep
    6. Jr. High Choir
    7. Choir
    8. Music Appreciation

    Course Descriptions

    Students must be in at least the 8th grade and must have had previous instruction on the instrument that they play. Students must keep an overall average grade of C or better. They must be able to pass a written test over music theory, instrument knowledge, etc. by 90% or better. These bands have many performances throughout the school year which include: 10-15 parades and/or field shows, 3-5 concerts and, if qualified, these students compete as a soloist or in small ensembles at District and/or State level music contests.

    This is a performance group limited to 40 auditioned students, grades 9-12, who have had previous experience both alone and in group singing. Each student is expected to keep a C grade average and must pass a written test over basic music theory and singing contests of 90% or better and also pass a singing audition. This class is a performing group and participates in several concerts each school year. They also compete in the All District Music Concert as a choir and individuals are encouraged to compete as soloists and members of small ensembles.

    Music Appreciation:
    This course is the study of the music elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, form and tone color through listening and studying compositions from early Greek to modern composers.