Ms. Bratton - Social Studies

    1. Modern American History/Contemporary Issues
    2. American History
    3. Prep
    4. Seminar - 11th Grade
    5. Psychology
    6. American History
    7. Economics
    8. Jr. High

    Course Descriptions

    American History:
    This course involves the study of American History beginning with the diverse origins of American society, the Civil War era and continuing to modern issues. The roles of our democratic government, cultural diversity, economic sphere and themes of geography are emphasized.

    Contemporary Issues:
    This course is an investigation into issues that are prominent in modern newspapers, broadcasts and magazines. Discussion and cooperative learning activities are utilized to encourage students to take an active part in the learning process. Students learn to focus on conflict within today's global society. Environmental issues, technological advances, demographic changes and other international concerns are explored. Diversity and unity within cultures are examined.

    This course addresses psychology as social science in which the individual behavior of man is explored. Students assess the relationship between human biology and behavior. The course emphasizes cognitive development, emotions, stress and personal adjustment and how these relate to individual behavior. Students explore various theories (and their founders) in psychology and psychological research. Students investigate the human life cycle and examine the scope of human development. Students then apply knowledge to individual human behavior and, in this way, learn about themselves and others while building basic life skills.