Mr. Morris - Music

Beginning Band
This class is open to 7th and/or 8th grade students and meets for a one block period and lasts for one complete school year. We start Band during summer school. Students learn the basics of putting instruments together, cleaning them, holding them correctly and getting basic sounds on the instruments. They also study music theory using drills and worksheets. All beginners are required to purchase their own beginning book which is currently "Standard of Excellence" Book 1 and their own reeds and cleaning supplies as needed.

Second Year Band
Second year band is simply an extension of Beginning Band which continues with "Standard of Excellence" book II and more complicated music for performances. Talented students are permitted to join high school band if they pass the test at the end of their first year that is expected of all second year band students at the end of their second year. These students also add more theory to their lessons, including the study of all major and minor scales both written and played. These students may also try out for the positions of Junior High Drum Majors for the Halloween parade and also for the special jobs of "Banner Carriers" for the high school band parade performances that are usually in the fall.

Choir is open to 7th and/or 8th grade students who are interested in learning how to sing well both alone and in larger ensembles. Students learn basic music theory, articulation, signing posture and breathing methods. Students get a great deal of practice in hearing and signing 2, 3 & 4 part singing. The class uses some worksheets, paper work and computer drills, but mostly 'hands on' performance concepts to learn how to sing well. This choir presents two concerts each school year, Christmas and spring. Qualified students get to perform extra for special events such as the Junior High All District Choir. 8th grade students who are interested and talented may audition during the spring for a place in the High School Choir. They must pass a written test over music theory and singing concepts and also a singing audition by 90% to be accepted into the High School Choirs limited membership of 40 students.