Goals for Graduates

The Greenville R-II School District's educational program has been designed to assist students in becoming productive citizens in their respective communities. The following objectives are to be attained by all graduates.

Graduates will:
  • appreciate and understand the methods and findings of science and math.
  • identify and better understand the ways technology is used to solve problems, accomplish tasks and assess/manage information.
  • think rationally and make ethical judgments.
  • develop leadership potential.
  • become proficient in problem solving and decision making.
  • become a self-disciplined individual.
  • develop an appreciation for the rights and duties of citizenship and to be diligent in the performance of civic responsibility.
  • understand the significance of the family and the conditions conducive to successful family life.
  • develop and maintain good health, respect for safety and worthy utilization of leisure time.
  • acquire basic understandings, attitudes and skills necessary to become a productive participant in economic life.
  • become and intelligent consumer of goods and services.
  • understand economic consequences and choices made.
  • develop the capacity to appreciate beauty in literature, art, music and nature.
  • respect other people, their property and culture and work cooperatively with them.