Greenville Elementary Technology Resource Calendars

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Reserving A Chromebook Cart

To reserve a Chromebook cart for your students:

An up-to-date lab schedule is available to view on the this page. Requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Please reserve only 1 week at a time. If you end up not needing to use the Chromebooks, please let Mrs. Burchard know as soon as possible so that she can remove your request from the calendar.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE having students use the Chromebooks, make sure all students have their usernames/passwords. 

  1. Look at the current openings on the calendar. Be sure to take note of what dates are available. You must reserve the Chromebook Cart for the entire week, not just for a period. For accountability purposes, Carts are to be checked out to ONE TEACHER per week. That teacher is 100% responsible for the care/condition of the chromebooks within each cart.
  2. Determine which specific date(s) you want and record them on the Calendar pages located in the teacher workroom.
  3. Mrs. Burchard will add the names to the calendar below.  You will be able to see the Chromebook Carts that have been reserved for each date. 
  4. We are trying to work on a schedule that is feasible and that suits all teachers' needs. Please be patient with us. 
  5. Please return Chromebooks to Mrs. Burchard's room on Friday (or the last day of school that week).  When returning Chromebook Carts please be sure that all Chromebooks are plugged in and are charging and that the Cart is plugged in to the outlet.

Chromebook Reservations